Using Cultured and Fermented Foods to Restore Gut Flora, Increase Nutrient Absorption, and Strengthen the Immune System

Why are fermented foods important; and why are they a staple in many cultures known for their longevity? Here is the basic premise: Years of poor eating habits coupled with antibiotics and other gut-unfriendly habits will take their toll on our digestive flora, and eating fermented foods can restore our gut balance because they are […]

5 Nutrients that Remineralize Your Body, and How to Get Them Through Food and Supplements

Without certain key nutrients, remineralizing the body – or just deriving nutrition from food – becomes a very ineffective process. Learn about the vitamins and minerals you need to really benefit from your healthy diet, and remineralize your body for strong, healthy teeth, bones, high energy, and general well-being. Scientific findings have highlighted 5 key […]

The Power of Mineralization – Healing, Nourishing, and Maximizing our Potential

Remineralizing is often associated with positive changes in our body, including repairing (muscles, for instance, or the daily wear and tear of our body), rejuvenating (looking younger, feeling healthier and more energetic), and strengthening (our bones, our teeth, etc.) Remineralizing, or keeping up with your mineral intake, can impact your health positively and help you establish good […]

How to Add Cultured and Fermented Foods to Your Diet to Boost Your Health and Immune System, and Remineralize Your Body

Modern diets are devoid of healthy fermented foods, which are crucial for a healthy gut and a strong immune system and digestion. Learn how to add more cultured foods to your diet by having them for breakfasts, alongside meals, and by enjoying bubbly probiotic beverages with friends instead of soft drinks. By increasing nutrient absorption, […]

5 benefits of Green Vegetable Juices, and How Green Juices Could Turn Your Health Around!

Juicing is recommended by most health experts, but why? In this article, I cover all the fascinating facts about juicing, and why juicing vegetables could be the new good habit that will turn your health around or take it to the next level, and remineralize your body. Whenever people are afflicted by a life-threatening disease, they […]

[Giveaway] Smooth! Bubble Teas and Irresistible Drinks for the Smoothie Connoisseur

Not All Smoothies Were Created Equally… Enjoy 60 of the Most Irresistibly Delicious, Nutritionally Complete Recipes for Smoothies That Even Picky Teenagers, Meat-Loving Men and Your Fussiest Foodie Friends Will Be Begging For! The fruity cocktail of strawberries, banana and spinach just doesn’t cut it after the 400th time. That’s why I’ve worked with another smoothie-superslurpin’ […]