Interview with Monica Walker, Holistic Health Practitioner in NE Portland, Oregon (Part II)

Click here to read the first part of this interview with Monica Walker, health practitioner in Portland, Oregon, and visit her website: Joanna Steven: I love what you say about empathizing; it reminds me of John Gottman’s book How to Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child. We don’t often realize that children can become very […]

GMOs & Monsanto – Why They Are Unethical, Potentially Unsafe, and Unsustainable

Monsanto has done a very good job of convincing others that Genetic Modification is our salvation, that it will eliminate the need for pesticides and herbicides, and will ensure that we will have continuous supplies of food as our ingredients will be, essentially, indestructible until they reach our plate. I felt it was important to […]