Smoothies & Irresistible Drinks

Not All Smoothies Were Created Equally…

Enjoy 60 of the Most Irresistibly Delicious, Nutritionally Complete Recipes for Smoothies That Even Picky Teenagers, Meat-Loving Men and Your Fussiest Foodie Friends Will Be Begging For!

And think of how few dishes you’ll have to clean!



Hey Smoothie-Slurpin’ Superstar,

Having been in this fresh food business as long as I have, you start to realize that not all smoothies are created equally.

The fruity cocktail of strawberries, banana and spinach just doesn’t cut it after the 400th time. That’s why I’ve worked with another smoothie-superslurpin’ superstar to create a fabulous collection of 60 mouthwatering and unique recipes designed to be simple, delicious, yet always nutritious!

Here are just some of the things you’ll get out of our Smoothie Blender Operation recipe e-book:

  • Recipes that are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids

  • Dose yourself up on probiotics and easily digested protein-rich meals in a mug.

  • Every single one of the recipes are husband and teenager approved!

  • Discover new, exciting green smoothie recipes that are simple, but satisfying!

  • Rekindle your love for bubbly sodas with naturally fizzy health drinks?

  • Start introducing water kefirs, bubbly, fizzy drinks that quench your thirst while providing healthy probiotics.

  • Regulate your digestive system and enhance nutrient absorption with probiotic-rich drinks!

  • Enjoy mineral-packed smoothies even when you’re out of greens!

  • Start using Irish moss, a flavorless sea vegetable that blends up to a creamy, dreamy shake that will feed you at the cellular level.

  • Finally get the men and children in your life to love liquid nutrition as much as you do!

  • Have more energy, better digestion and get “the glow!”

  • Overcome cravings for bread, pasta and salty foods!

Green Smoothies: Delicious recipes that are guaranteed to never taste green!

Pineapple Mango Green Smoothie

Berry & Greens Smoothie

Nut Milk Smoothies and Protein Shakes

Grab a power packed nut milk to fuel your workouts instead of a whey protein shake. Soon, you will experience better health, increased energy levels and endurance, and you will glow from the inside out.

Brazil Nut Superfood Shake

Cherry Blossom Shake

Irish Moss Drinks: Don’t want greens but still want minerals?

Introducing nutrient packed but never fishy smoothies featuring Irish moss with easy instructions for beginners!

Irish Moss Drinks

Bubble Teas! Creamy Shakes with a Fun Texture with the Magic of Chia Seeds

Bubble Teas

Water kefirs: Hate what sodas do to your thighs but still long for fizziness?

Discover the sodas of the raw world: water kefir! Bubbly drinks that are full of probiotics and delicious to boot.

Apple Pie Spice Water Kefir

And that’s not all! We also have the most popular thirst quenchers raw style!



Are you ready to stir, whip, whiz & pulverize your way to perfect health?

Ready to embrace delicious tasting drinks that are full of nutrition and will make your every cell vibrate with energy?

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