Remineralize Your Body Now!

  Are you ready to wake up refreshed every morning, have lasting, clean energy throughout the day, enjoy clear, glowing skin, and have an optimistic, joyful outlook on life?

Remineralize your body from the inside out, nourish your cells easily and deliciously, and reboot yourself in ways you didn’t think could be possible!


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Remineralize Your Body Now! was created just for YOU…

The mom who spent years giving for her family, and who would do it all over again…

But finds herself sleep-deprived, moody, and ready to change things for the better!

If you feel like you’re doing your best to eat all the right foods, but still struggling to have the energy, health and bouncing good feelings you know are possible, then chances are good you have a mineral deficiency. Many of us have been there, it’s okay (and will get better).


How can I tell if I have a mineral deficiency?


 If you’re experiencing the symptoms like exhaustion, weak bones and cavities, yeast overgrowth or candida overgrowth, mood swings, excess weight that won’t come off, and irritability, then that’s proof that something is off-balance. This program can help!


How did I become deficient?


Our lives today are easily over-scheduled and over-demanding. It is said that 3 of the groups most prone to adrenal fatigue are entrepreneurs, women, and moms. If you have gone through pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, with the accompanying sleep deprivation, early mornings, stress schedules, rushed mealtimes, and more… Then you know what we’re talking about!



What can you expect from Remineralize Your Body Now?


No added stress!

♦ Go at your own pace with this program. There are no regularly scheduled classes

♦ Start whenever you want. The materials are yours forever

♦ You will receive Facebook messages each week with the lessons, and inspiration to keep you engaged and excited

 By taking the cultural and ancient secrets of traditional cultures whose diets are rich in all minerals and combining it with some good ol’ fashion modern science and clinical nutrition, we’ve created a powerful 6-Week program to help you restore your health, vitality and create a radical difference in your overall well-being!


Meet Your Program Creators


Joanna's family (61)Joanna Steven knows all about the need to stay healthy and mineralized. This multi-tasking mom (and Amazon best-selling author) of an active 4 year old and determined 12 months old does not like to compromise when it comes to eating well, raising her sons, or pursuing her passions – she even does it all without a drop of caffeine. And yet, she’s no superhero! She realized early on that the key to keeping up with years of early mornings, multiple night wakings, breastfeeding marathons (now for over 5 years straight!) and more was deep nourishment and mineralization. Thanks to her years of experience and research, you can now have abundant energy and vibrant health, too!


Here’s What Will Be Covered In This Program


PART 1: Fermentations and Cultures

♦ Unleash dormant nutrition in everyday foods!

♦ What is the difference between fermented and non-fermented foods?

♦ Can you just buy cultured foods at the store?

♦ How do you make inexpensive cultured foods at home? We will teach you to make Sauerkraut, Korean Kimchi, Water Kefir, Coconut Kefir, Dairy Kefir, and Kombucha!

Healing Your Gut with Probiotics (includes audio + transcript) Donna Gates, a nutritional consultant, author and lecturer has helped thousands of people overcome candidiasis and other immune system disorders. Her book, The Body Ecology Diet, was written after years of research to find a cure for her own candida-related health problems. She is responsible for making fermented, cultured foods, and stevia, extremely well-known and accepted globally. In this interview, Donna shares:
♦ Why cultured foods are crucial to good health
♦ How to eat cultured foods every day and love them
♦ How to make your own cultured foods at home
♦ How to get kids to love cultured foods, too! (Joanna’s kids love cultured foods!)


PART 2: Leafy Greens

Rich in minerals and cleansing chlorophyll, leafy greens are the foundation of a healthy diets. Including…

♦ Green Juicing

♦ Green Smoothies


NEW! Juicing During the Childbearing Years for Busy Parents (includes audio + transcript).
David and Katrina Rainoshek are the creators of the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program at For the last decade, David has been coaching 92-Day Juice Feasts for clients worldwide, teaching about Juice Feasting and evolutionary transformative nutrition. In this interview, David shares:
♦ A big reason why making juices and smoothies with kids is crucial, and how it will help them when they’ve flown the nest (even if they think you’re crazy right now),
♦ How his wife gave birth to their second child in Ecuador one night when water and power were out!
♦ The foods that are not vegan that they’ve added to their diet, and why,
♦ Why they rarely use a juicer when they make juice (and what they use instead for super fast juices),
♦ … and a lot more!


♦ Salads and Dressings

♦ Food Preparation and Cooking with Greens

nataloaNourishing Your Cells and Healing Your Body With Mineral Rich Greens (includes audio + transcript) Natalia KW is a pure food chef & shamanic practitioner, and the foundation of her culinary work is conscious nourishment — inspiring you to cultivate awareness of the foods that truly serve your well-being. She is the author of a couple fabulous healthy-eating books called Pure Pleasures, and Cupcake Heaven!With this essential awareness, you can make your highest foods choices. In this interview, Natalia KW shares:
♦ How she healed herself from intense candida infection, countless food allergies, and more
♦ Which healing food turned her health around and how you can use it to heal your body
♦ What the “perfect food” she eats every day is, and how you can make it taste delicious
♦ How you can have luscious fats or sweet flavors in your diet without guilt
♦ How energy and fears play a role in self-sabotaging or succeeding on our health journey – and what you can do about it
♦ The importance of testing, so you don’t confuse “detox” with “getting sicker” – especially if you are vegan


PART 3: Sea Vegetables, Algae, Nuts and Seeds

♦ Restore your bone and teeth health with these nourishing primordial foods

♦ Why eat sea vegetables and algae? How to various seaweeds, including arame, kelp, nori, dulse, wakame, sea spaghetti, and more. Plus, learn all about chlorella, spirulina and other algae, and how to use them, and learn the real difference between different kinds of salts, and which are best for different situations or dishes.

♦ Sprouting and culturing nutrient dense foods for better health. Learn to make nuts and seeds even more nourishing and nutritious. Learn to make delicious dairy-free cheeses and spreads. Learn to make nut milks that will please everyone (not the watered down store-bought or homemade kind! We’re talking nutrition here!) Learn to make easy yet satisfying crispy crackers.


courtney claySeaweeds & Algaes: The foundation of mineral-rich foods to nourish and rebuild your family (includes audio + transcript). Courtney Taylor has over a decade of experience using algae and seaweed to skyrocket her health, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
In this interview, Courtney shares:
♦ Why she feels seaweeds are foundational to a healthy diet
♦ Which seaweeds she recommends for those who dislike “fishy” flavors
♦ What her favorite seaweeds are, and favorite ways to prepare sea vegetables for her family
♦ … And more!


PART 4: Superfoods

Superfoods are some of the most nutritionally powerful foods on Earth. Exceptionally nutrient-dense, they accelerate your health at lightening speed.

♦ What exactly is a superfood? Learn the difference between regular food and super foods and why it matters.
♦ Learn to make deeply nutritious drinks in mere minutes, to keep you well nourished, well hydrated, and glowing from the inside out
♦ You will NOT be spending a fortune on weird, hard to find ingredients! You will be provided with a great variety of choices, and the help you need to determine which are right for you.

ronUsing the Ancient Secrets of Chinese Medicine to Regain Your Health, Energy, and Radiance, and Promote Longevity (includes audio + transcript)
Ron Teeguarden
has written two major books on Chinese tonic herbalism. His first book, Chinese Tonic Herbs, published in 1984 by Japan Publications, is recognized as the book that introduced the art of tonic herbalism to the American public. The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs is recognized as a major book on the subject of Chinese longevity-herbalism. He’s the founder of Dragon Herbs, and a very humble man with lots of wisdom!
In this interview, Ron Teeguarden shares:
♦ How he recommends beginners in Chinese Medicine start learning to avoid overwhelm
♦ What Chinese herbs promote what is known in Chinese medicine as “Radiant Health”
♦ Which herbs will protect your immune system, cleanse toxins, and promote longevity when taken daily
♦ The essential habits that aren’t diet related but that we should all explore
♦ What determines your longevity potential and the Chinese herbs that influence it


davidSparkly Teeth, Hormonal Balance and The Importance of Mineralization (includes audio + transcript) David Wolfe is one of the world’s foremost authorities on natural health, beauty, longevity and superfoods. He has dedicated his life to studying the inner workings, the delicate chemistry and hardcore mechanics of the human body and the impact of modern-day stressors of fast-paced, toxic lifestyles. David’s down-to-earth and simple approach to life and well-being confirms that great health is in our own hands, and we DO have the power, right at our fingertips, to make new, better, choices about our lifestyle.
In this interview with David, you will learn about:
♦ An easy way to get a good idea of the shape your bones are in
♦ Hormones and how they can prevent you from absorbing minerals from your food,
♦ Which minerals really build strong bones? It may not be what you think!
♦ Which foods and herbs are packed with minerals?
♦ The importance of probiotics which we will learn all about later in this course
♦ And so much more!


PART 5: The Food You Feed Your Skin!

Why what you use on your body matters as much as what you put in it and the healthiest beauty foods to include in your diet!

bethanneBethanne Wanamaker is the founder of Edible Goddess, creator of the Chocolate Goldies & Chocolate Gold, is a holistic nutrition & conscious lifestyle educator and author of multiple recipe books. Bethanne teaches others how to activate their highest potential as an inspirational speaker and how to use high vibrational food, mindful lifestyle choices, and an awakened mindset as the catalysts for a wildly amazing life! In this interview, Bethanne shares:
♦ How she healed herself through food and became an Edible Goddess – and what keeps us from reaching our highest potential
♦ How you can get alchemical in the kitchen to nourish yourself inside and outside – even if you’re busy and want results fast!
♦ How to make beauty elixirs layer by layer for all day energy and smooth, silky skin
♦ What the ultimate ager is, and how it should be your primary focus for optimal health
♦ What her (low maintenance!) beauty routine is – including her dietary staples


And that’s not all…

As part of the program, you will:

♦ Get your own workbook with full lessons, for you to read at your own pace, or as the program progresses, and a full cookbook with varied, easy meal plans and healthy, mineral-rich recipes the whole family will love! You will…

♦ Learn to stay mineralized while still cooking for your family

♦ Learn to develop good habits to stay on track

♦ Get menu planners that are easily tweaked for endless variety

♦ Many of the recipes are whole food vegan and vegetarian (raw and cooked), and Paleo friendly, Body Ecology Diet friendly and Weston A. Price diet friendly

♦ The recipes are designed to help you save time in the kitchen

♦ This is a fully-supported program through the materials. You will receive a complete menu planner with support workbook, action steps and community support every step of the way. And, we’re there daily on the Facebook group to answer all your questions, or through email if you prefer!


What do past participants have to say about Remineralize Your Body Now?


“Thank you very much to all of you. To all of you beautiful people who joined me on this amazing journey, and thank you to the Remineralize team. Great things are happening inside of me, I am more committed than before, so thank you for giving me that feeling. I am more aware and feel more present. It is awesome, I know that I am ón the right track, I can’t even image how great a place I will be in, in a few weeks!”

This program is awesome and I’m glad I took it this time. I’ve been on the fence with taking in the past but loved the fact that the price went down so that’s a good incentive!”

“You guys did a beautiful job setting up the intro of the lesson. I loved it! As I dive in deeper ( which I have over viewed everything and I can tell) the order of our lessons is so nurturing and fulfilling– filled with a great flow of knowledge to intake!!! I’m so excited and in love with this course!”

“I realized that I was already using a lot of the foods mentioned in the course book. I just needed more variety, and I love the recipes! The Facebook page was helpful when I wanted to ask questions. Joanna answered very quickly!”

“Wow, I learned so much! I was so sucked in!”


Enjoying the sun

According to our end of class survey, a whopping 100% of participants said

they would recommend the program to their friends!

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