Nourished Village Podcast Episode 1

Bethanne Wanamaker IWhat is it about? Self-care is crucial for a balanced, positive outlook toward life. Especially for moms, who are always giving, giving, giving! In this interview with Bethanne Wanamaker of Edible Goddess, you will learn about the unexpected benefits of self-care, what her morning routine and exercise routine is, and you will get 2 luscious recipes — one for a beautifying face mask, and one for a yummy meal you can make in no time to nourish yourself from the inside out! You can listen to the audio recording HERE.

Nourished Village Podcast Episode 2

Bethanne Wanamaker IIWhat is it about? Remember the previous interview with Bethanne Wanamaker of Edible Goddess? She had just found out she was pregnant. After her sweetheart daughter Ella Pearl turned 1, Joanna Steven interviewed her again. How has her self care evolved? What about when her baby only wants her? Does she get alone time with her partner, Mark? What does she do for self care now that she is a mother? What does the acronym MOTHER mean to her? Joanna and Bethanne chat candidly about their experience becoming mothers and raising their children the way that is right for them — and how they make it work. You can listen to the audio recording HERE.


What is it about? Can we peacefully raise children who grow up to become resilient adults while also healing our childhood wounds and growing as a person? Dr Laura Markham has been proving that it is all possible for decades, to the acclaim of parenting experts, mothers, and fathers everywhere. For more information on this episode of the Nourished Village Podcast, click HERE.


holistic-dental-healthWhat is it about? Our teeth are a reflexion of our health, but cavities are becoming extremely common especially in young children. In this interview, host Joanna Steven and guest Nadine Artemis of Living Libations covered supplementation and the nutrients that make it almost impossible for cavities to happen, how to activate the “natural toothbrush” of the human body, discussed a fun and easy way to clean a young child’s teeth, and much more! You can listen to the audio recording HERE.


aisha-harley-eoWhat is it about? Essential oils can be a powerful tools for moms, helping them and their families be stronger, calmer, and happier. But how? In this interview with expert Aisha Harley and host Joanna Steven, we cover essential oils and what they are, how to use them safely during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and infancy (and which ones to use for various ailments), which oils not to use, what essential oil is an amazing multi-purpose wonder (aka The Swiss Army Knife of essential oils), which oils to use to for a bullet proof immune system, and more! You can listen to the audio recording HERE.


Boys AliveWhat is it about? This interview with host Kristen Taylor and guest Janet Allison is all about raising and understanding the boys in our lives. It’s no secret that school does not fit our many boys and some girls, and to their detriment. All the statistics show that boys are failing. What can be do about it? This information packed discussion covers ways to make schools more boy-friendly, how to get your boys (and your husband!) to talk to you, the importance of male role models for kids (and what to do if their dad isn’t present), how to get boys to help out more and why, and a lot more to help you and your boys thrive. You can listen to the audio recording HERE.


Mary St Martin(1)

What is it about? Children are at their imaginative peak between ages 2 and 5. This is a very important period of their life, and it will have a big impact on the rest of their lives. In this interview, Joanna Steven talked with early childhood educator Mary Saint Martin on the importance of imagination, what we can do to encourage it, the activities that are detrimental to the development of imagination and can even stunt it, and much more. A wonderful, very informative interview! You can listen to the audio recording HERE.