Product Review: Brad’s Kale Chips and Veggie Chips

Few of you know that I absolutely loved (past tense!) fried, salty, greasy potato chips — well, until they hit my stomach. Then, I feel awful, sick and sometimes even get anxiety attacks! Needless to say, potato chips are not something I want in my life, but for a long time, I really longed for something crispy that wasn’t a carrot stick or a flax cracker. Sometimes, you just want something else. Enter kale chips… I’m completely hooked on them, they are so healthy, delicious, crispy, salty and full of nutrition. In the summer, I make them all the time in my dehydrator because my husband plants boatloads of dino kale in the backyard.

In the winter though, I reserve my precious fridge space for green smoothie and green juice ingredients, and I don’t usually make kale chips anymore. During that time, prepackaged kale chips come in really handy, and when Brad sent me samples of his kale chips and raw veggie chips to try, I was overjoyed — his products are A-MA-ZING. And I’m not just saying that.

My husband never liked kale chips but when he tried Brad’s Raw Crunchy Kale – Nasty Hot, Jalapeno & Vegan Cheese, he said they were delicious, and that it would be a great way for him to eat lots of kale. They were a bit spicy for me, but Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale Vampire Killer ones were perfect — they were actually gone within 10 minutes of opening the box. What can I say, I’m a kale chips-aholic! And now, my husband is too. I’m pretty sure Brad’s products were his gateway chips!

A few days later, our Indian friend Raghu came over to see Franklin and we offered him some of the spicy kale chips. He went nuts for them, and said he couldn’t believe this was a raw food! He then said he better close the box, otherwise he’d finish it all.

Brad’s Raw Veggie Chips were delicious too. They are made with carrots, buckwheat groats and other ingredients, and are thin, crispy and flavorful. We enjoyed them a lot.

I served the Indian flavored ones when Raghu came over, and we ate them with a cooked Indian meal (an eggplant tomato dish, and a spiced brown rice dish). It was awesome.
Thank you Brad for sending me some of your delicious chips! I’m glad we can find nutritious and delicious snacks that appeal to mainstream palates. I think it’s part of why going raw is so much easier now!

To check out a great selection of Brad’s products, click here.

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