What is Franklin Reading These Days?

Every week, Franklin and I hit the library for some new books. He loves our story time, and I always wanted to keep a record of what we enjoyed reading together. These are all the books we are currently enjoying (we usually check out about 15). If you have kids around his age, you can log on to your library’s website and request for them to be put on hold. Then, enjoy a rainy afternoon with your child and a pile of books!

At 3 years and 3 month, Franklin was enjoying:

Dooby Dooby Moo by Doreen Cronin – A cute book about farm animals who decide to win a trampoline at the county fair’s talent show, all behind farmer Brown’s back.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Mole by Carolyn Crimi – Mole is a rock star in his bedroom, but he’s too shy to perform in public… Until he needs to come through for his best friend Pig.

Once Upon a Baby Brother by Sarah Sullivan – A cute book about a little girl who loves to tell stories to everyone, until her brother comes along and no one has time to listen. But she unexpectedly finds new inspiration in the newest addition to the family.

The Pirate and the Penguin by Patricia Storms – Pirate is too hot and doesn’t like to look for treasures. Penguin is bored and wants adventure. They meet one day, much to each other’s delight!

Bugs Galore by Peter Stein – OK… If your child laughs hysterically at the mention of words like “poo,” “yuck!,” or “gross!” you need to get this book ASAP. I personally think nothing’s more awesome than a toddler laughing his heart out 🙂

Look-Alikes: The More You Look, the More You See! by Joan Steiner – A short story in rhymes, with backgrounds made of look-alikes. The couch is a glove, the train is a coffee pot, buildings are made of crackers, etc.

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