{Article} 5 Lessons Gestational Diabetes Taught Me {A Guest Post for Food Matters}

rp_pregnancy1.jpgWhen I got pregnant, I never thought I would end up with gestational diabetes. Never! But, despite being at a healthy weight, exercising regularly, never eating junk, and not being from a family prone to diabetes, I still tested positive. After the initial shock and denial, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make it my job to find out why. Thanks to my nifty new lancet and blood glucose monitor, I turned myself into a guinea pig.

This is what I found out, shared in my new article for the Food Matters community who enthusiastically agreed to publish it. It’s a mix of misinformation, nutritional deficiencies, and easy to forget common wisdom.

You can read the full article on the Food Matters website.

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About Joanna Steven is an Amazon best-selling author, an attachment parenting mom to 2 boys, and a lover of food. Her mission is to inspire mothers and make their life easier so they feel nurtured, nourished, and better able to raise children in a peaceful way. She regularly updates her blog with delicious, wholesome recipes, and lifestyle tips for moms seeking to live motherhood to the fullest.

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