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Today, I have a lovely giveaway for you that is a treat for both your eyes and your tastebuds: the artfully and lovingly created eBook “Daily Raw” by Nadia Petrova. Nadia’s book oozes with class, calm and beauty while being full of delicious recipes for both the budding and the experienced raw foodist. According to her, “meals have to be tasty, easy and feast the eye the same way they nourish the body. ”

Nadia is honest about the trials and tribulations she went through. Her first recipe is for nut milk, a great dairy-free milk for the lactose intolerant. She recalls having to make nut milk because her favorite store-bought coconut milk had been discontinued, but her first attempts were not very successful. She stuck with it and came up with a recipe that is different from the nut milk recipes commonly found in raw cookbooks – hers (plain or with cacao) is richer, with a fuller flavor.

She then goes on to discuss liquid meals, which in my opinion are perfect for breakfast. In fact, most of my own breakfasts are 100% liquid. Sure, I will often have Body Ecology inspired breakfasts, like eggs with raw sauerkraut, but I don’t feel awesome unless I’ve had a bunch of nutritious liquids as well.  Nadia has recipes for smoothies, infused waters, lemonade (sweet or bitter), and more.

The next section is on salads and dressings, and covers basic salads like kale salads and more elaborate ones like cucumber salad with fancy nut dressing, or a gorgeous salad with fruits and flowers. To round off the meal, she has many cheese recipes as well as lasagna, pasta, guacamole and more.

And finally she covers desserts – delicious creations ranging from chocolate mousse to carrot cake, without forgetting ice cream and fruit crumbles. Nadia completely won me over with her statement about figs, because they are my favorite fruit when they’re perfectly ripe and sweet. She recalls:

“In my childhood years, I was never very interested in figs. I remember that the figs sold at the market were only small, bad looking ones that did not seemed appealing at all. My first encounter with the real big, juicy and sweet figs was during my years in university. I studied in the south where it was much warmer, even during the winter months. The fruits and vegetables were different there, bigger, sweeter, more delicious. I remember the first time I was at the farmer’s market and saw the figs. They looked so huge compared to what I was used to that I did not recognize them at first and had to ask what this fruit was. The seller was so amused by my question that she gave me a couple of figs to try for free. It was truly love from first bite. Even 15 years later, I am still crazy for figs.”

Daily Raw” by Nadia Petrova is a beautiful eBook, and it is clear she put a lot of love and time into writing it. If you can’t wait to get your hands on her book, you can support her work by purchasing it here (you can get a sample of the eBook here as well). Otherwise, try your luck in our new giveaway!

Good luck! The giveaway ends June 9th.

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