What is Franklin Reading These Days?

Every week, Franklin and I hit the library for some new books. He loves our story time, and I always wanted to keep a record of what we enjoyed reading together. These are all the books we are currently enjoying (we usually check out about 15). If you have kids around his age, you can log on to your library’s website and request for them to be put on hold. Then, enjoy a rainy afternoon with your child and a pile of books!

At around 3 years and 2 month, Franklin was enjoying:

Petunia by Roger Duvoisin – A goose finds a book and thinks she is now wise. But, she will find out it takes more than owning a book!

Bear Despair (Stories Without Words) by Gaëtan Dorémus – A story without words, about a bear whose little teddy bear gets stolen, and his grim yet hilarious journey to get it back.

Hank Finds Inspiration by Craig Frazier – A man and a snake need some inspiration. They go on separate journeys and end up finding inspiration in the same place. Very cute.

The Monster at the End of This Book (Sesame Street) (Little Golden Book) by Jon Stone – Franklin owns this book. Yet he has to borrow it if he sees it at the library. Apparently it’s a favorite in the US.

Glasswings: A Butterfly’s Story by Elisa Kleven – A very cute and beautifully illustrated story about a glasswing butterfly who gets lost in the city.

Flyaway Katie by Polly Dunbar – All of Polly Dunbar’s books are adorable. In this one, Katie feels a little gray. She brings color into her life to lift herself up.

The Biggest Kiss (Paula Wiseman Books) by Joanna Walsh – I love cute stories in rhymes about hugging and kissing 🙂 Franklin doesn’t love them as much, but hey, mamas need to have fun too!

Duck by Randy Cecil – A story that is a little sad, but also very charming. A merry go round duck finds a lost little duck and tries to teach it to fly. Even a hit with daddy!

Babar and the Ghost by Laurent de Brunhoff – I loved Babar as a child. Franklin is no different. If he finds Babar anything, he has to get it. Babar and his family are stuck in a storm and need to find refuge in a castle. He says ghosts don’t exist… Or do they?

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