How to Add Cultured and Fermented Foods to Your Diet to Boost Your Health and Immune System, and Remineralize Your Body

Modern diets are devoid of healthy fermented foods, which are crucial for a healthy gut and a strong immune system and digestion. Learn how to add more cultured foods to your diet by having them for breakfasts, alongside meals, and by enjoying bubbly probiotic beverages with friends instead of soft drinks. By increasing nutrient absorption, fermented foods are key elements of a strong, mineralized body!

What is one of the major differences between a traditional diet and a modern diet? The former is usually full of healthy, immune system boosting organisms while the latter is pasteurized, sanitized and processed. Why does this matter to you? It matters because cultured foods, which are now almost non-existent on most people’s plates, are critical to having a healthy gut, good digestion, optimal nutrient absorption, a strong immune system, clear, glowing skin, and much more. And did I mention that cultured foods are often incredibly inexpensive? Read on to learn more about cultured foods and what they can do for you!

Cultured foods, also called fermented foods, are basic ingredients prepared in traditional ways which turn them into superstars. Cabbage is very healthy and good for you, but cultured and turned into sauerkraut, it helps digest the food you ingest alongside it, colonizes your gut with healthy bacteria to keep any yeast overgrowth in check, and has actually more nutrients than plain old cabbage thanks to the fermentation process which breaks down the sugars and turns them into potent nutrition.

There are many types of cultured foods out there, and here’s an easy way to consume them several times a day!

How to Add Cultured and Fermented Foods to Your Diet – Have Them for Breakfast!

Drink fermented foods for breakfast? Yes! If you’re not vegan, cultured dairy (more specifically kefir) is a health boosting food that is at the center of the Body Ecology diet. Simply blend a cup of kefir with fresh strawberries, or drink it plain. It’s like a more liquid version of yogurt that tastes tangy and delicious!

Vegans can enjoy cultured coconut water, where coconut water undergoes the same process as milk, and becomes coconut kefir. Drink it plain, add cranberry concentrate (pure, unsweetened), and more.

Both are quick and easy ways to get nutrition first thing in the morning, and you don’t even need to limit them to breakfasts. They make fantastic snacks, too!

How to Add Cultured and Fermented Foods to Your Diet – Eat Them as Side Dishes!

No meal is complete without a lovely serving of cultured vegetables. They help boost the nutritional content of your food, enhance your digestion so you can absorb said nutrition, and are flavorful and delicious. I like having kimchi alongside eggs, sauerkraut with vegetables, and more. Donna Gates of the Body Ecology diet suggests using homemade sauerkraut with blue corn chips. Cultured vegetables are also fantastic as salad toppings, or with flax crackers and soups.

How to Add Cultured and Fermented Foods to Your Diet – Drink Them and Take Them to Parties!

A party with cultured vegetables? Yes! Carbonated sodas are so outdated. They spike your insulin, make you sluggish and bloated (NOT sexy!), get you to crave sugar, and are filled with unhealthy additives. Not drinking soft drinks is one the biggest, most important steps towards health that you can take.

But aren’t bubbly drinks enjoyable and fun? They are, and they’re a fun addition to parties. So what can we do? Drinks fermented foods, of course! You can make your own sparkly raspberry kombucha, or a tasty pineapple water kefir. Both are low in sugar, because most of it was eaten up by bacteria and yeast (good ones!) to produce probiotics, B vitamins, and more. Think of cultured drinks are a probiotic supplement, except bubbly, fizzy, tasty, and inexpensive – and so much better for you that tin-canned factory produced additive-laden soft drinks.

Cultured and fermented foods are an incredibly healthy addition to any diet. They enhance digestion, boost energy levels, contribute to having a clear, glowing complexion, enhance nutrient absorption, and are a good source of many vitamins. Have them three times a day (or more!), and experience greater health and well being.

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