The Power of Mineralization – Healing, Nourishing, and Maximizing our Potential

Remineralizing is often associated with positive changes in our body, including repairing (muscles, for instance, or the daily wear and tear of our body), rejuvenating (looking younger, feeling healthier and more energetic), and strengthening (our bones, our teeth, etc.) Remineralizing, or keeping up with your mineral intake, can impact your health positively and help you establish good habits.

Minerals are an extremely crucial part of a healthy immune system. Without minerals, many basic functions such as keeping our heart beating and having strong bones are impossible. To make matters worse, foods are lower in minerals than ever before because of intensive agricultural methods, soil depletion, and eating habits that are gradually getting worse for the general population. As a result, many diseases are on the rise, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, cavities, yeast overgrowth, and more.

By remineralizing, you are restoring your inner ecology and terrain to prevent illnesses so that you will feel at your best; and you will also squash cravings by creating a positive association between nutrient dense foods and a feeling of deep well being. In the end, this virtuous cycle will enable you to be healthier and healthier while also enjoying the food you eat tremendously. And, since you will be able to cleanse easily thanks to the chlorophyll-rich foods that will be an integral part of your diet, you will be able to handle environmental toxins better because your body will be able to spend energy fighting them rather than accumulating them while dealing with sluggish digestion and unhealthy foods.

When you are in the process of remineralizing, you do not need to set yourself apart the crowd and stay confined in your house because there’s “nothing to eat out there.” A mineralizing diet does not have to be weird, extreme, or even unconventional. Many mainstream ethnic recipes are nutrient dense and nourishing, and most ancient cultures had the wisdom needed to know how to stay strong and healthy without pharmaceuticals and multi-vitamins.

An easy way to remineralize and regain your health is to learn about many different mineral-rich and nutrient-dense foods which you may have heard about. For example, you can learn many ways to to eat leafy greens, how to make nuts and seeds powerhouses of nutrition, what to buy in the seaweed aisle, and what the heck to do once you have brought the bags of colorful sea vegetables home. You can learn how to make kefir using coconuts, dairy, or just water. You can learn how to make kombucha, how to juice and what to juice, how to make sense of the many superfoods and supplements out there, and more.

Remineralizing is not about following a boring, bland, overwhelming diet. It’s a fun and exciting way to eat that is actually not new at all, but rooted in ancient wisdom and adapted to modern needs!

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