What is Franklin Reading These Days?

Every week, Franklin and I hit the library for some new books. He loves our story time, and I always wanted to keep a record of what we enjoyed reading together. These are all the books we are currently enjoying (we usually check out about 15). If you have kids around his age, you can log on to your library’s website and request for them to be put on hold. Then, enjoy a rainy afternoon with your child and a pile of books!

At 3 years and 1 month, Franklin was enjoying:

Yuck! That’s Not a Monster! by Angela McAllister – This book is so adorable, I actually quote it to play games with Franklin. This is about a family of monsters that welcomes a new baby… A disturbingly adorable little monster.

Brave Squish Rabbit by Katherine Battersby – Franklin loves it when I read this book to him before bed. Squish is afraid of the dark, of chickens, and of storms. But he braves them all to find his friend.

Frankie Stein by Lola M. Schaefe – Since we call Franklin “Frankie”, this book was quite appropriate. Frankie is a cute little boy whose parents wonder why he’s not scary like them… But in the end, he turns out to be the scariest Stein of all!

Ducks Don’t Wear Socks by John Nedwidek – A serious little girl discovers how fun life can be thanks to a silly duck who likes to dress up. Very cute!

The World Champion of Staying Awake by Sean Taylor – A sweet little book about a little girl who needs to get her toy animals to fall asleep before she can go to bed.

The Loopycoop Hens by Janet Morgan Stoeke – 3 hens wonder why they can’t fly, and envy Rooster Sam who can fly to the roof every morning… But can he really fly? They resolve to find out.

Larf by Ashley Spires – How two Sasquashes found each other when they thought they were the only one of their kind.

Little Quack (Classic Board Books) by Lauren Thompson – One of Franklin’s favorite books. Five little ducks brave their fears to swim by their mommy duck.

Clementine by Sebastian Loth – A little snail who loves everything round decides to go to the moon, the beautiful round moon. There, she has a pleasant surprise…

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