{Article} 5 Versions of Vegetarianism that Should be Avoided {A Guest Post for Elephant Journal}

Vegetarianism is often touted as being the ultimate healthy diet—and why wouldn’t it be?

Studies show time and time again that vegetarians live longer, have smaller cancer risks, and are generally healthier. While this may be true, it is definitely possible (and easy!) to be an unhealthy vegetarian.

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years now, and have worked with hundreds of women (mostly moms) whose heart was set on a plant based diet (as in, a diet based on plants, not necessarily made of only plants). I found out something common to nearly all of them—in wanting to not kill animals for nourishment, they forgot that they, too, were an animal deserving of care, compassion, and nourishment.

I personally covered the gamut from processed food vegetarian to raw vegan, only to finally end up on the version of vegetarianism I recommend to the moms I work with: ancestral vegetarianism. No need to reinvent the wheel. Before globalisation and industrialization, there were already vegetarian cultures from which we have much to learn.

Nowadays, vegetarianism can be a completely different animal (pun intended!).

Here are five versions of vegetarianism you should avoid at all costs {Read the full article here.}

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