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Every month or so, I offer recipe books in giveaways to give you more tools to create your own nutritious, delicious and exciting diet. I never recommend a book I would not personally use. Natalia KW’s recipes are perfect because they are fresh, taste amazing, aren’t complicated to make, and are really nutritious. If you enjoy eating gluten-free, dairy-free, whole food based recipes that taste as delicious as they are healthy, or raw foods loaded with nutrients, healthy fats, and luscious flavor, you absolutely need to get your hands on Natalia’s eBooks.

I discovered Natalia KW on Facebook, where someone enthusiastically recommended her books, Pure Pleasures: Luscious Live Food Recipes from the Glowing Temple Kitchen and Pure Pleasures Cupcake Heaven: Raw Food Sweets That Make Your Heart Skip a Beat. Cupcake Heaven will be the topic of another post, because Pure Pleasures deserves the entire spotlight to itself right now.

Sometimes, it seems like some raw food recipes are ridiculously complicated, and some are simpler but not all that exciting. Well, Natalia KW’s recipes look gourmet, taste gourmet, but they’re not all that difficult to make. I made a bunch from her eBook, and none of them caused me any stress whatsoever, and that was with Franklin hitting the 18 months sleep regression at the time (= short naps, gazillion awakenings at night, and all the related fun).

For example:

Chocolate Silk Shake: this yummy shake took 3 minutes to make and tasted like decadent chocolate ice cream. Franklin went nuts for it, whining when I wasn’t feeding him fast enough. I have made many variations of this shake, using different ingredients, adding superfoods, and turning it into a pudding. All fab!

Chocolate Silk Shake

Get Your Temple Glowing Green Juice: a delicious, refreshing combination of vegetables and fruits for the most awesome hydrating breakfast ever. Franklin approved.

Pineapple Cucumber Mint juice: I used cilantro instead of mint and mmmmmmm enjoyed it just before hitting the Farmers Market. Franklin approved.

Peaches and Blueberry Cream: Matthew complained that I was going to use wonderful peaches in a smoothie instead of eating them straight. I’m glad I didn’t listen to him, because this smoothie is a-ma-zing. I put some in a sippy cup for Franklin, and he enjoyed it at his playgroup. Super fresh and nourishing. I made many variations of it, and drank it for nearly a month straight when peaches were in season.

Super Seed Bread and Chive Cream Cheese: While Franklin was away with the baby sitter, I whipped up these crackers. Matthew loved them, even though he doesn’t usually like raw crackers, and he commented on the nice smell of the dehydrating dough. Full of yummy seeds, and not too high on flax (so they’re not slimy like typical raw crackers), they were crisp and delicious. The Cream Cheese was eaten in a single sitting for lunch, alongside a chopped vegetable salad.

Sesame Ginger Lettuce Wraps: I knew these would rock, so I made them for The Guys without testing them first. They got thumbs up all around. Super easy to make, too! Matthew even told Natalia on Facebook that he loved them.

Fresh Herb and Kale Tabbouleh

Fresh Herb and Kale Tabbouleh: Can tabbouleh be made more awesome? Yes, it can. Matthew: “What’s in this salad? It’s damn good!”. I made it with Natalia’s Sunny Hummus, which I loved. The Guys enjoyed their dinner, too.

Garden Herb Roll-Ups: Packed with iron and selenium, and bursting with fresh flavors of basil, parsley, lemon, garlic and more, these little raw sandwiches are awesome and quick to make.

Garden Herb Roll-Ups

Chipotle Eggplant with Avocado Wraps and Cilantro Lime Mayo: I had never made dehydrated eggplant before, true story. Well, now I have. And it rocks. The Guys loved this too!

Natalia most definitely found what she was meant to do in life. Her recipes are unique, delicious, easy, and nourishing. You can go ahead and dump the recommended amounts of ingredients in your food processor or blender, and you’ll end up with something that never needs any tweaking!

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  1. I just started a juice feast and have lost 11.5 pounds and after this I start on whole foods/traditional diet for my life and this recipe book would wonderful to have to build for a delicious diet lifestyle!!!

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