{Recipe} Easy Hazelnut Chocolate Bars {Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free}

Busy working on an all-consuming project, or just needing a quick pick-me up or sweet treat that loves you back? Keep yourself sharp and awake with a few bites of chocolate covered hazelnuts. So much better than those energy shots full of who-knows-what! This recipe is dedicated to my mom, whose favorite chocolate bars are always full of hazelnuts! It is from my best-selling eBook, Be Decadent! Delicious gluten free, raw, & paleo recipes for the chocolate lover.

Easy Hazelnut Chocolate Bars

The creamy chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts are a match made in heaven.


1/2 cup hazelnuts
1/2 cup melted cacao butter, raw
1/2 cup sifted cacao powder, raw
1/4 cup liquid sweetener (I usually use coconut nectar here, but maple syrup is a fantastic alternative!)


Combine the cacao butter and sweetener, preferably over a bowl of hot water to keep the cacao butter in a liquid state. Add the cacao powder, and stir well until fully combined.

Stir in the hazelnuts, then spoon out bite size portions and place them on parchment paper.

Transfer to the fridge or freezer to harden, and serve.

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