{Recipe} Nourishing Nettle Infusion {Vegan, Gluten Free}

I have written volumes about the health benefits of nettles, but honestly, the skin benefits alone are worth it. You will get the unmistakable glow of someone who is healthy and cleansed from the inside out, without actually having to go on drastic diets and spending a lot of money. Nettles are really inexpensive, and if you prepare them correctly, they are delicious!

This recipe is from The Nourished Village Cookbook – Volume 1, a collection of my family’s favorite kid-friendly recipes.

Nettle Leaf Infusion

Nettles typically grow wild in forests – when they’re inside, they’re usually wood nettles, and when they’re in the open, they’re usually stinging nettles. Both do sting, so handle them carefully if you pick them yourself. I used to forage for nettles back when I didn’t have a child, and even went nettle picking when Franklin was a baby. They’re hard to find in Portland, though, so more often than not, I now use dried nettles. Organic, dried nettles are available online and they’re really inexpensive – often less than $15/lb, and a pound goes a long way! Nettle infusions are fantastic for pregnant women.

1 cup dried nettle leaves
1 quart jar of boiled water

Pour the boiling water over the nettles. Steep for as long as you can before drinking.
The longer you steep the leaves, the more nutritious your infusion will be.
You can keep prepared infusion in the fridge for about 3 days.

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