{Guest Post} 10 Healthy Go-To Breakfast Recipes {Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Vegan Options}

I couldn’t resist sharing with you all this sponsored post full of amazing breakfast ideas. All gluten free and vegetarian, the following recipes are a nice change from the always-awesome but sometimes-boring smoothies and oatmeal. Let me know which of these 10 healthy Go-To breakfast recipes et your vote! When coming up with ideas for […]

{Article} 5 Nutrients Your Vegetarian Children Need {But May Not Be Getting}

We know that vegetarianism can work. Some traditional cultures have successfully been on meatless diets, and have enjoyed good health and longevity for centuries… Until vegetarianism became mainstream. Paradoxically, despite all the convenient foods and increased nutritional knowledge we all enjoy, meat free diets are now being criticized as being deficient. Some plant based dieters […]

{Article} 5 Versions of Vegetarianism that Should be Avoided {A Guest Post for Elephant Journal}

Vegetarianism is often touted as being the ultimate healthy diet—and why wouldn’t it be? Studies show time and time again that vegetarians live longer, have smaller cancer risks, and are generally healthier. While this may be true, it is definitely possible (and easy!) to be an unhealthy vegetarian. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 […]