{Article} 5 Nutrients Your Vegetarian Children Need {But May Not Be Getting}

We know that vegetarianism can work. Some traditional cultures have successfully been on meatless diets, and have enjoyed good health and longevity for centuries… Until vegetarianism became mainstream. Paradoxically, despite all the convenient foods and increased nutritional knowledge we all enjoy, meat free diets are now being criticized as being deficient. Some plant based dieters […]

{Article} 5 Versions of Vegetarianism that Should be Avoided {A Guest Post for Elephant Journal}

Vegetarianism is often touted as being the ultimate healthy diet—and why wouldn’t it be? Studies show time and time again that vegetarians live longer, have smaller cancer risks, and are generally healthier. While this may be true, it is definitely possible (and easy!) to be an unhealthy vegetarian. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 […]

{Recipe} Vitamin C Blast Smoothie with Berries, Greens, and Orange Juice {Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo}

When you’re rushing in the morning, or planning to eat a big feast in the evening (holiday dinners, anyone?), or just want to take it easy on your digestive system for the day, green smoothies are the answer. The best friend that saves you time, nourishes you, and makes you glow. This is one of […]

{Recipe} Chocolate Nut Butter Protein Shake {Vegetarian/Vegan Option, Gluten Free}

On busy mornings, or when I’ve had an unsatisfying lunch, I like to make a quick protein shake. Filled with protein, healthy fat, and amazing flavor, it always leaves me happy! PrintChocolate Nut Butter Protein Shake {JoannaSteven.com} Ingredients3 bananas, fresh or frozen 1 scoop Vega One protein powder, chocolate, or 1/2 a scoop Chocolate Vega […]

{Article} Why Saying “You Have a Healthy Baby, and It’s What Matters!” is Insensitive and Dangerous.

Several years ago, I had a traumatic first birth. This is not uncommon, and you might be thinking: “I did too.” Like many crunchy moms, I wanted a natural childbirth. I wanted dim lights, immediate skin to skin contact, and blissful breastfeeding. But things did not go as planned, and to this day, I feel […]