{Guest Recipe} Loaded Guacamole by Lara Flanagan of My Notes from New England {Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo}

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Today, I have the great pleasure of sharing a recipe from a fellow blogger, Lara Flanagan of My Notes from New England. Here’s more about Lara:

“I write and create for My Notes from New England. My Notes from New England was inspired by challenges I have faced since embarking on a complete lifestyle change, sparked by a major heath crisis in the form of a diagnosis of MS. This was combined with the new adventures for my city slicker family of living in the country. Throughout this journey my companions are my young twins Archie and Larissa, my two mad dogs Kevin & Rosie and the beautiful world of New England.”

You can follow Lara on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

“I always love it when I find foods that are vegan, but no-one thinks of them as vegan. No-one would have a clue. They are perfect for entertaining and everyone loves them, regardless of what your eating preferences are. One of those dishes is Guacamole. I simply love Guacamole – I adore it. On some evenings, such as tonight, when I am feeling super lazy, I know that it is a minimal effort dinner, but one that still feels like an indulgent treat. Throw some Turkish Bread in the oven, get your guacamole and life is good.

It is a fabulous dip to take to a friend’s house when you have been invited over, it is perfect for an afternoon in the sun with a few drinks – it just has so many uses. When you turn up with a fabulous bowl of Guacamole no-one politely grimaces or mutters under their breathe about those who follow trendy diets.   Generally people dig in and everyone will think your Guacamole is fabulous.  Unfortunately it does not help with the main course, because despite how fabulous your Guacamole is, most people will look at your oddly if you get stuck into a bowl of Guacamole for your main course.   I still not have come up with a quick fix for the problems that a sociable BBQ presents.   When it is time to eat, no matter how you put it, when you request some onions and a wee bit of roast capsicum for your plate, you will get asked in a shocked voice, “What you don’t eat meat?”  “How on earth do you get your protein?” “You sure you don’t want a little bit of steak?” etc etc.   So the BBQ problem is one that I have not yet found a solution for.   Maybe mushrooms might do the trick?

This Guacamole keeps beautifully until the next day and I love the leftovers for lunch.   Though to be honest, I rarely have leftovers with this one.  Add a glass of red and a new series on Netflix and I am in my own little piece of heaven.”

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