Chia Seed Recipes: Chia Coconut Berry Parfait (+ 2 lbs of chia seeds giveaway!)

Modern diets are often deficient in omega 3 fatty acids, that’s a fact. And yet, our brain needs them to function optimally. Did you know that simple omega 3 supplementation can reverse mild depression and anxiety? And did you know that fish consumption does not necessarily guarantee proper intake of omega 3 fatty acids? I […]

High Needs Babies – My Experience Raising a High Needs Toddler (10-18 months)

This is the last High Needs Baby Grows Up post in the series. At the time of this writing, Franklin is a strong, almost-4-year-old boy. At 18 months, he definitely was not a baby anymore. He’s was a 30+ lbs toddler who climbed rock walls, went down slides (“weeee!), ran after the cat (“caaaaaat!”), pointed to his ear saying “This is […]

Using Cultured and Fermented Foods to Restore Gut Flora, Increase Nutrient Absorption, and Strengthen the Immune System

Why are fermented foods important; and why are they a staple in many cultures known for their longevity? Here is the basic premise: Years of poor eating habits coupled with antibiotics and other gut-unfriendly habits will take their toll on our digestive flora, and eating fermented foods can restore our gut balance because they are […]