[Recipe] Raw, Vegan, Paleo Vanilla Bean Cheesecake on Brownie Crust

There’s everything to love about cheesecake, when it feeds your body and leaves you light and nourished! Dairy intolerance, gluten allergies and more don’t mean having to give up desserts, and this raw, vegan, Paleo Vanilla Bean Cheesecake on Brownie Crust should prove just that. This cheesecake is, simply put, heavenly divine and drool-worthy. It’s also as easy as 1-2-3! I […]

[Giveaway] Pure Pleasures by Natalia KW

Every month or so, I offer recipe books in giveaways to give you more tools to create your own nutritious, delicious and exciting diet. I never recommend a book I would not personally use. Natalia KW’s recipes are perfect because they are fresh, taste amazing, aren’t complicated to make, and are really nutritious. If you […]